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It’s well known that a diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business, but with global movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo hitting headlines daily, Boards and Executive Leadership teams need to be more prepared than ever to speak and act on these highly sensitive and important issues.

MIX Diversity Developers - Tom Crawford

We know that Diversity, Equality and Inclusion can be daunting topics. Our board level briefings are designed to inform, equip, challenge and support leaders as they set the direction for their organisation.

Tom Crawford

MIX Consultant

How can MIX help?

Research shows that the most critical factor in the success of any diversity and inclusion programme is strong leadership from the top.

Our briefings are full of evidence-based robust recommendations, covering these topics:

The business case for Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace

Unconscious bias and how might it be affecting your leadership

The impact of bias in a corporate environment

What other companies are doing in relation to diversity and inclusion

Where to focus resources first to have the greatest impact

How to structure the management and monitoring of a D&I programme

How to communicate D&I messages to all staff so that they get on board

Gender balance – why and how (without alienating the male population)

Why some inclusion change programmes fail – pitfalls to avoid

Case Study

Aspect Capital

MIX Diversity Developers - Aspect Captial

Responding to comments from a number of investors, the Executive Committee wanted to have greater insight into the way that Unconscious Bias may have been affecting them on a personal level, a leadership level and across the organisation’s culture and structures.

As a certified Implicitly Unconscious Bias tester, MIX’s MD Hayley Barnard was able to set up the Executive Committee to undertake unconscious bias psychometric tests in advance of the Board Level Briefing. Hayley reported trends in bias across the committee and suggested steps to mitigate the risk and impact of those biases, as well as leading discussions about Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership during the 90-minute session.

MIX also undertook an external audit of the company’s brand in relation to Diversity and Inclusion and provided recommendations for change.

MIX Diversity Developers - Amanda Cherry

Hayley provided a comprehensive briefing to our Executive Board, immediately setting the room at ease with her engaging and personable manner. The directors found the session and exercises insightful, and discussion flowed freely and openly.

The impact has been immediate, with our first female Board appointment, a revised approach to recruitment (leading to us hiring a female developer), and a revised flexible working policy.

Hayley's contribution was vital - she demonstrated that Diversity and Inclusion isn't an HR issue but a company-wide opportunity.

Amanda Cherry

HR Director, Aspect Capital

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MIX works with organisations to help them to be more inclusive and to build diversity of thought.

We’re called MIX because the right mix matters.

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