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We are privileged to work across both the public and private sector including many companies in the FTSE 100 & 250 and Fortune 1000.

Every organisation has a different starting point and a different story to tell – some are just beginning to recognise how biases and stereotypes are embedded in their business structure, whilst others are well on their way, with great flexible working policies, mentoring programmes and support networks for their employees. We work alongside clients, becoming a part of their journey towards equality.

Here are a few case studies that highlight the type of work we do and what our clients say we do best:


Case Studies

MIX Diversity Developers - Audit and Strategy for Britvic

Audit and Strategy

Britvic plc - Hemel Hempstead

  • Provided a Board Level Briefing to the Exec to give the latest insights into what’s working and not working in D&I strategy and implementation
  • Wrote a bespoke audit process for Britvic to use annually to monitor progress. Set metrics
  • Worked with the volunteer D&I champions to undertake a ‘barriers to inclusion audit’ and ‘challenge mapping’ workshop
  • Supported the CPO to develop a D&I Strategy and new comms approach
  • Provided guidance on governance of D&I resulting in a new framework of action groups to implement strategy and plan

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Roche - New York

  • Designed a bespoke day-long workshop on Unconscious Bias and cross-cultural working for employees of Roche in their New York office with multiple break-out sessions
  • Advanced content provided to take into account the existing knowledge of the delegates which included scientists, medics and technicians
  • Facilitated translation of this theoretical understanding of cognitive bias into practical, actionable ideas that would enable teams to build upon the existing culture of inclusivity
  • Bespoke designed REM (Reported Experience Measures) to assess behavioural changes as a result of the training
MIX Diversity Developers - Unconscious Bias Workshop for Roche, New York

MIX Diversity Developers - Board Level Briefing for Aspect Capital

Board Level Briefing

Aspect Capital - London

  • Provided a Board Level Briefing on current D&I strategy
  • Designed a workshop to help Executive Board Members explore how unconscious bias may have been affecting them on a personal level, a leadership level and across the organisation’s culture and structures
  • As a certified Implicitly Unconscious Bias tester, MIX MD Hayley Barnard tested the Executive Officers using a psychometric test and provided individual reports and trends across the Board
  • Undertook an external audit of the company’s brand in relation to Diversity and Inclusion. Provided recommendations for change


Textron - Providence, Rhode Island

  • Designed, filmed and delivered 3 interactive e-learning courses for 37,000 staff worldwide on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and inclusive recruitment
  • Translations available in English, French and German
  • Every video and activity was bespoke and created exclusively for Textron
  • Delivered as SCORM compliant files for use with their existing LMS
MIX Diversity Developers - E-Learning for Textron

MIX Diversity Developers - Full Day Conference for Willmott Dixon

Full Day Conference

Willmott Dixon - Wembley, London

  • Designed a full-day Diversity and Inclusion conference at The Drum, Wembley, London for Willmott Dixon’s annual Sustainability Conference
  • Designed a range of interactive exercises and elements to ensure a high-energy day for delegates including senior staff and Willmott Dixon’s customers and supply chain partners
  • Provided additional speakers including Gary Ford who presented on how to engage men in gender equality
  • Provided a specialist Diversity and Inclusion MC / Host for the event

Women's Network Launch

Intralinks - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan

  • Intralinks sought comprehensive support from MIX to launch their new global Women’s Network on International Women’s Day. MIX provided advice and met with key leaders to help build a strategic plan
  • Provided multiple speakers in multiple languages in multiple locations on launch day
  • MIX keynote speakers launched networks in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Milan
  • Debra Searle MBE wrote a series of Blogs for the Women in Finance website for a year following launch
MIX Diversity Developers - Women's Network Launch for Intralinks

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