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Diversity and Inclusion consulting is not complicated but it is difficult and challenging. It’s challenging because, at a very basic level, it invites both self and organisational reflection.

It requires acceptance of the possibility that the playing field is not quite level and that change is required, which can be met with defensiveness. This is why the subject of Diversity and Inclusion has to be handled sensitively, with creativity and, we believe, storytelling.


Our Signature Practice Areas

D&I Strategy and Plan

Keeping our finger on the pulse of D&I business practices, research, and trends is part of our reason d’être and helps us to help you develop a clear strategy and plan.


Using the ‘Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark’ and IAT tests we can audit where you are now to help you move forward confidently.


From virtual sessions to half or full day workshops, we aim to surprise you with how engaging and fun we can make Diversity and Inclusion!

Gender Pay Gap

We help companies report, communicate, educate and then take action to move the needle on their Pay Gap numbers.

Board Level Briefings

Need buy-in from the top? Our compelling briefings engage on the business case for D&I, best practice, case studies and how to effectively communicate with employees on this topic.

Diversity Councils and Meetings

We have helped companies create, launch and build interest in specific Diversity Networks and D&I Ambassador Programmes, as well as providing speakers.

MIX Diversity Developers - Hayley Barnard

We help organisations understand which stories they need to stop telling and which they need to start telling. Then we help them tell those stories.

Hayley Barnard

Managing Director


MIX works with organisations to help them to be more inclusive and to build diversity of thought.

We’re called MIX because the right mix matters.

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