Diversity and Inclusion consulting is not complicated but it is difficult and challenging. It’s challenging because, at a very basic level, it invites both self and organisational reflection.

It requires acceptance of the possibility that the playing field is not quite level and that change is required, which can be met with defensiveness. This is why the subject of Diversity and Inclusion has to be handled sensitively, with creativity and, we believe, storytelling.

Our Signature Practice Areas
+ Inclusivity Audit
+ D&I Internal Communication Programmes
+ Tailored Keynote D&I speakers for conferences
+ Setting up D&I ambassador programmes
+ Establishing male advocacy programmes
+ Providing content for Women’s Network events
+ Within multi-nationals - making Global D&I materials relevant to the local business
+ Diversity Council creation, launch, and strategic support
+ Design and creation of workshops on Inclusive Leadership
MIX Diversity Developers - Debra Searle MVO MBE
We help organisations understand which stories they need to stop telling and which they need to start telling. Then we help them tell those stories. Debra Searle MVO MBE ~ Founder