Darren Edwards

Adventurer, speaker and resilience coach

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MIX Diversity Developers - Darren Edwards
MIX Diversity Developers - Darren Edwards
MIX Diversity Developers - Darren Edwards
  • Biography

    Darren Edwards is a former mountaineer and Army Reservist who sustained a life-changing injury in the summer of 2016. The near-fatal climbing accident would leave Darren permanently paralysed from the chest down. With determination, grit and positivity, Darren has overcome adversity to become a Disabled Adventurer, World First Expedition Leader and Motivational Speaker.

    Refusing to let the word disability define who he is as a person and committed to helping challenge the perception of what those with a disability can achieve, Darren has gone on to lead a record-breaking and world first expedition (Kayak 4 Heroes), which saw him lead a team of five injured/wounded veterans in kayaking 1,400 kilometres from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’ Groats in Scotland.

    In 2022, he aims to become the first disabled person to complete a marathon in Antarctica and to run seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents - known as the World Marathon Challenge.

    Key Topics:

    • Building a Resilient Mindset
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Mental Health Matters
    • Resilient Leadership
    • Growth Mindset
    • Pushing the Boundary of Disability

    Available for:

    • Conference speaking
    • Keynote speaking
    • Virtual events
  • Client Feedback

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    “Darren’s story was an absolute inspiration and was beautifully presented. His mental fortitude is nothing short of inspirational and his honest, entertaining, and humorous presentation style made what could have been a sombre listen, a real pleasure. Darren’s presentation style kept the audience engaged throughout and he proved to be a natural public speaker. I wish Darren all the best on his next endeavours, and we look forward to hearing all about his new adventure again soon - He’s certainly won the support of our organisation!”

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    “Darren Edwards recently presented a session at our staff conference and spoke candidly about his own personal experience dealing with a life changing injury. But the presentation doesn’t stop at just being a truly emotional story (I can assure you there were a few tears in the room). Darren presents with humility and integrity on resilience and mental health. He demonstrates practical mechanisms for enhancing personal resilience and facing adversity which are applicable in all areas of work and life.”

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    “Darren Edwards talk was a masterclass in motivation, in teaching about resilience, and in seeing a pathway through the worst of situations. Darren spoke to our pupils for just short of an hour they sat in rapt attention; you genuinely could have heard a pin drop throughout. This is partly because Darren’s story is such a captivating one, but it’s predominantly due to Darren’s method of delivery; his engaging nature, his candid and honest approach, and his ability to speak to teenagers without a hint of condescension.

    Of all the speakers that we’ve had at school, I think Darren’s will be one that resonates with the pupils for the longest – Darren’s talk focused on the strength of a positive attitude and having perspective, a viewpoint that could be applied to any challenging scenario facing pupils. It was relatable, emotive and inspiring and I have no doubt that Darren will be back at school soon to tell us all about the next immense challenge over which he is victorious. Thank you, Darren!”

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