Equipping leaders to foster
Diversity & Inclusion

Training and Workshops

MIX provides bespoke training and customised workshops on and around the subject of Diversity and Inclusion. With a background in adventure training we also provide leadership training in Dartmoor National Park. We offer training and workshops in the following areas:

+ Unconscious Bias
+ Inclusive Leadership
+ Gender Balance
+ Women in Leadership
+ Multi-Generational Leadership
+ Personal Brand and Impact
+ Inclusion Training on Dartmoor

Online Training

Inclusive Recruitment Course

Most companies appreciate that diversity can drive innovation and success. Yet the question remains, how do we ensure we are able to attract and recruit the very best talent across the widest range of diversity traits?

Do we inadvertently put off some diverse candidates before they even apply? Are we as impartial as we would like to think we are? How can we boost fairness and equality in our recruitment processes?

Using the most recent research as well as on-the-ground experience gathered from clients in industries spanning from construction to finance to pharmaceuticals, this course will help those involved in recruitment at any level of an organisation to understand the challenges posed by unconscious bias and equip them with practical tools to mitigate the effects of bias and foster truly inclusive recruitment practices.

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Bespoke Online Experiences

We also create bespoke online experiences. These have ranged from a series of interactive trainings for 600 of Deutsche Telekom’s top executives on developing inclusive leadership through to an introduction to unconscious bias for people leaders at a multinational engineering firm.

Online training is particularly useful for:

+ Dispersed teams
+ Remote workers
+ SMEs who may not have the resources to host full conferences.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss whether online training is the right fit for you.

MIX Diversity Developers - Sally Fenton, Search and Select
The Inclusive Recruitment course is both engaging and a highly practical guide to promoting inclusion in the workforce. Starting with a visual demonstration of how we can easily default into an unconscious bias, the course provides practical tools for how to encourage inclusion step by step. A highly thought provoking topic which will aid me to redefine how I approach the recruitment process in the future! Sally Fenton ~ MD & Owner, Search and Select

Board Briefings

New legislation relating to Gender Pay Gap Reporting alongside an increase in research showing a strong business case for Diversity and Inclusion is leading companies to act. But what action should be taken?

Our Managing Director and Lead Strategist, Hayley Barnard has had the privilege of providing board level briefings at companies ranging from SMEs of a few hundred employees to the boards of global organisations. She can provide a top-level briefing on current diversity and inclusion strategy, unconscious bias and how to effectively communicate with employees on this topic.

Hayley’s knowledge is robust; her experience is solid. She is able to provide case studies from other companies of a similar size and across industry best practice.

In addition to company Board of Directors, these sessions are also popular with Senior Leadership Teams, Executive Leadership Teams and HR Teams. Topics include:
+ The business case for Diversity and Inclusion
+ How to structure the management and monitoring of a D&I programme
+ Unconscious bias and how might it be affecting your leadership
+ How to communicate D&I messages to all staff so that they get on board
+ Its impact on Diversity and Inclusion in a corporate environment
+ Gender balance – why and how (without alienating the male population)
+ What other companies are doing in relation to diversity and inclusion
+ Why some inclusion change programmes fail – pitfalls to avoid
+ Where to focus resources first
MIX Diversity Developers - Jake Attfield, T-Systems
Hayley came to talk with our Diversi-T network about unconcious bias. Hayley‘s knowledge, passion and style really struck a cord with us and she has since returned to T-Systems to do some more in depth work with our board of directors and present to all our people managers on unconcious bias and how recongising and understanding its impact can be used to instigate positive change in our organisation. Jake Attfield ~ HR Director, T-Systems