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We've all been subjected to dry and boring compliance training but that's not what you'll get from us!

Storytelling lies at the heart of our e-learning. All of our courses are based around bite-sized videos of our experts sharing their unique insights into diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As well as the teaching video elements, we design self-reflections, quizzes and action prompts which inspire behaviour change rather than just knowledge transfer.

Our online courses cover a range of subjects and are designed to meet people at many stages of their diversity & inclusion journey.


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Course audios can be translated into multiple languages and placed as subtitles.


Animated courses can be voiced in any language, making the course accessible to all employees.


The courses can be white-labelled. Slide decks can be edited to display your company branded slides.

Course topics include:

MIX Diversity Developers - An Introduction to Unconscious Bias

An Introduction to Unconscious Bias (Animated)

Who is it for?
Entry level. Suitable for all staff as a company-wide foundation level introduction to the topic or as induction/new-starter training.
Running time:
20 minutes
Course description:
Bias is something that we all have - but that doesn’t automatically make us treat people unfairly. In this basic course we explore what bias is, how to recognise it, and some simple steps we can take to make our workplaces more fair.
Language options:
This course is animated so it can be voiced in any language.

Exploring Unconscious Bias

Who is it for?
A basic and intermediate level course that is suitable for all employees.
Running time:
Two options available – 80 minutes (intermediate level) or 36 minutes (basic level)
Course description:
Unconscious bias – we all have it. That doesn’t make us bad. It makes us human. And whilst we can’t get rid of it completely (nor would we want to) we can learn how to recognise it and lessen its impact. That way, our places of work can be more equitable, fair and fun. Throughout this course you can expect to learn new insights, have time for self-reflection and learn some new tools to improve decision making and professional relationships. This course is suitable for anyone, as everyone has biases.

MIX Diversity Developers - Exploring Unconscious Bias
MIX Diversity Developers - Inclusive Leadership: Managing Unconscious Bias

Inclusive Leadership: Managing Unconscious Bias

Who is it for?
Primarily targeted at those with any line management or leadership duties.
Running time:
28 minutes
Course description:
As a leader you can have a significant impact on the culture of inclusion and belonging within your organisation. This short course tackles the often-elusive topic of inclusion and puts it into practical, everyday actions that you can take to help your team feel valued and able to perform to their potential.

Inclusive Recruitment

Who is it for?
Those involved at any stage of the recruitment process, from writing job descriptions through to those on an interview panel.
Running time:
39 minutes
Course description:
How can you ensure that your recruitment is unbiased and genuinely seeking the best possible candidate? This course will take you through how unconscious bias can affect each step of the recruitment process, from job design through to interviewing and selection. Practical tools to eliminate bias and increase inclusion will be presented for each stage of the process.

MIX Diversity Developers - Inclusive Recruitment
MIX Diversity Developers - Women's Development

Women's Development

Who is it for?
Female employees. Can also be adapted for specific groups, i.e. graduates, first time managers and those moving into leadership.
Course description:
Build a strong pipeline of women to the board room. Despite the well-documented benefits of having gender-balanced boardrooms, many organisations still fall short. This programme isn’t about how to fix the women, or why to blame the men, but instead targets specific areas of women’s development which will see female employees grow in confidence and leadership skills.

Gender Parity: Male Allies

Who is it for?
Suitable for all male employees at any level of an organisation.
Course description:
This course is about challenging gender bias and engaging male employees with the diversity and inclusion agenda. Drawing on his experience co-designing the male allyship programme at JP Morgan, Gary Ford shares insights into men’s role as an ‘ally’. The outcome is male employees (especially those who are managers) increase their understanding of their female colleagues and how to enable great performance for all their team.

MIX Diversity Developers - Gender Parity: Male Allies
MIX Diversity Developers - Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Who is it for?
Available in two formats – suitable for all or specifically for leaders and people managers.
Course description:
Our anti-bullying and harassment course goes beyond compliance and instead focuses on positive behaviours which teams can adopt to build inclusive cultures where individuals feel like they belong. It also covers the impact of micro-behaviours, how and why to report inappropriate behaviour and how to build understanding across teams.

An Introduction to Anti-Racism

Who is it for?
Suitable for all employees at any level of an organisation.
Course description:
Fostering truly inclusive cultures means that having difficult conversations is inevitable. Our Anti-Racism course is designed to help organisations to have those conversations and to effect positive change so that all employees, customers and stakeholders can feel a sense of belonging and supported to achieve their potential. This course combats racism, be it conscious or unconscious, while promoting equality and interculturalism through Allyship.
Language options:
This course is animated so it can be voiced in any language.

MIX Diversity Developers - An Introduction to Anti-Racism
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MIX Diversity Developers - Jacqueline Sweeney, Textron

One senior executive said the Inclusive Recruitment module was the best he’s ever taken! These are having a tremendous impact.

Jacqueline Sweeney

Director, Textron

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